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Spring is a gorgeous time of year here on the Estate; The season of rebirth, we have lots to celebrate with the release of our stunning 2018 Rosé, our kitchen’s opening for the summer season and once again participating in Toast Martinborough.

2018 Rosé New Release

Celebrate the beginning of Spring with our 2018 Rosé release.

This pretty 100% Pinot Noir Rosé is the fourth we’ve crafted and we’re convinced it will be just as popular as last years sell out. From a recent blind taste test with our winemakers and international judge Olly Masters, it scored a solid gold. Don’t take our word for it though, order now before it runs out.


Dining at Palliser

Once again, our resident chef Jo from Carême Cooking Classes will be serving up delicious platters for the warmer weather. Opening Labour Weekend, you can expect stunningly matched culinary fare. Booking for larger groups welcome as our weekends do get busy.


Toast Martinborough 2018

Our new site will be a celebration of summer with the fine wines you’d expect accompanied by delicious food and great entertainment. This year, we are partnering with hot new local restaurant “Union Square”. Spear headed by Adam Newell – the first Michelin starred chef to be part of the festival, expect modern kiwi cuisine with a French influence and fresh seasonal produce. Along with great entertainment throughout the day, stunning winery vistas and bean bags a-plenty, it’s the perfect way to kick-start your day at Toast! Early bird tickets on sale now.


Winter in the Vineyard

Pruning commenced at the beginning of June and ends this week.  Pruning is a wonderful time of year when you get the opportunity to set the vines up for another season’s growth. Good pruning is truly an art form with an experienced eye always managing to find the right balance for each vine based on how the vine grew in the previous season.

We foraged for seaweed down at Cape Palliser in August.  We time our trip after a big southerly storm so there is plenty of seaweed washed up on the beach. After we collect it we dry it out and then mulch it up and put it in big tubs were it ferments.  We apply this as a foliar fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.  It’s a wonderful tonic for the vines full of nutrients and minerals.

In our organic blocks we have been busy with the undervine weeder mounding up the soil under the vines to give us a reservoir of soil that our cultivators can work in during the summer for weed control.

We are also working up the soil to sow a permanent sward into one of our organic blocks full of legumes such as clovers and lucerne to give as our own natural nitrogen fertilizer factories supplying nitrogen to our vines.  Other components include Plantain for minerals and its ability to break up compactions with its tap root, Mustard as a soil conditioner and Tall Fescue to fill the gaps.

The seeds have been ordered for our flower row crops which increase biodiversity and help with biological control of pests in the vineyard.  We mainly sow phacelia, buckwheat and alyssum as they attract parasitoid wasps that help with control of the leaf roll caterpillar.

The wind machines are all serviced and ready to go to protect our young buds and tender shoots against our terrible foe, Jack Frost!

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