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Organic Milestones

By March 11, 2020Friends of Palliser

2020 Vintage Report

The 2020 season will be remembered as a wonderful flowering with the most even berry size for quite some time followed by drought conditions in February and March and then torrential rain in late March.

The vines got off to a good start despite seven frost events, triple that of the previous season but fortunately caused no damage.  The fierce equinoctial winds that often effect vine growth didn’t materialize and with settled warm weather over flowering wonderful bunches of uniform berry size resulted. This was desirable as bunch numbers were within the normal range and the combination set up the vines to produce an above average sized harvest despite Sauvignon Blanc being below average.

The vines flowered on time after a warm and settled spring after which the weather cooled from mid-December through to mid-January and a late harvest was on the cards. However, February and March were hot and dry bringing us into drought conditions shortening our harvest period for flowering to harvest from our normal 115 days to 106 in line with the last two seasons and supporting the argument of global warming. The main harvest started 6th March and was 95% completed by the time the 198mls of rain started on the 27th of March. The harvest was completed on the 31st of March.

We processed 480 tonnes of grapes.  The yield of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris was above long term averages whilst Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc were below.

The quality of the harvest is good with the pinot noir showing ripe red and dark fruits with abundant tannin.  The chardonnay is the strongest we have seen for many years and the pinot gris and reisling are classical.  The sauvignon blanc has a nice balance of tropical and herbaceous notes whilst the rose is a star in the making.  The Griffin base wine has greater texture than we have seen before showing very good potential.

– Guy McMaster | Winemaker & Viticulturist

Organic Milestones Palliser Estate
Organic Milestones Palliser Estate

Palliser’s Organic Practices

Our philosophy is all about nurturing the soils that will in turn nurture the vines allowing the fruit to reflect its site, soul and season.

We nurture the soils by;

Applying homemade compost from our skins, stems and seeds, mixed with straw and cow manure and matured for 10 months.

Collecting seaweed from our gorgeous and rugged coastline, hanging it over the wires to dry then chipping and fermenting it to spray over our soil and vines.

Sow flower row crops that attract beneficial insects and permanent swards full of legumes that fix nitrogen for our vines all to encourage biodiversity.

We feed our soil microbes a combination of molasses, seaweed and fish to keep them happy so they can mine and mineralise nutrients for our vines.

Honey Bee Flow Hive

Our Flow hive was invented in Australia by a bee loving beekeeper who turned inventor when he realised that too many bees were lost in the process of harvesting the honey. 10 years of hard work and thinking later, the Flow Hive was invented.

For Palliser, bees are such an important part of our wineries eco-system we wanted to ensure that we provided our bees with a stress free way
of producing their precious honey and that they enjoyed their lives here at Palliser.

The bees themselves were bred in Taranaki with 75% of them laid back, gentle Italians and the other 25% hardworking Carniolans.This combination makes for both a harmonious as well as productive hive.

We can pour the honey straight from our hive with no disturbance to
our bees. If you would like more information please visit our Cellar Door.

For more information on Flow Hives – please visit: honeyflow.com

Organic Milestones Palliser Estate

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