Our Land

The most important part of any vineyard (besides the people) is the land.

As New Zealanders it's fair to say we all believe that the regeneration of our land is key to our collective future success. At Palliser, that means a fierce commitment to organics and biodynamic practises. For over 4 years now, we have worked steadfastly to convert our vineyards - not an easy task but one we feel is vital for the future of Palliser and the kind of wines we want to produce. Hua Nui is our first certified organic vineyard with Om Santi and The Winery vineyards following suit in 2021 and our winery being certified organic as of 2022. The challenge of working hand in hand with nature to produce the best we can from this exceptional area is one we love and enjoy. Something we hope is reflected season upon season in our wines. Learn more aboutour future

Om Santi Vineyard - Certified Organic

Take a short walk to Om Santi from the Winery Vineyard and you’ll discover that the soils are stonier and the air gets cooler. Om Santi’s natural advantages were what made it our very first vineyard and show that it is destined to become one of the greats. Re-planted in 2005, half of this 9 hectare vineyard features Chardonnay, the balance Pinot Gris and Riesling.

All of the wine from this wonderful site makes our top of the range Estate label. There is a minerality and stone fruit quality to Om Santi that produces superb wines. This vineyard was converted to organic management in 2018 further adding to the rich earthiness of the wines and the quality of the soil. Om Santi is also the home of our expressive Single Vineyard Chardonnay.

Palliser Vineyard

Some of our oldest vines are planted in this vineyard and date right back to the region’s early days, when it was named the Clouston Vineyard. As our older vines reach deep into the soil, they reveal more of the character of this land year on year. There is something magical about how age reveals a different beauty to that of youth. And being our southernmost vineyard, the heavier soils of Palliser Vineyard are most suited to Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

You might know Palliser for our Pinots, but we make a pretty fine Sauvignon too – the Sauvignon Blanc from Palliser Vineyard put us on the map when it won the Sauvignon Blanc class at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards. Palliser Vineyard also highlights the varietal range in a single vineyard – it’s planted with 12 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc, 7 hectares of Chardonnay and in the more free draining soil right on the edge of the terrace there is 6 hectares of Pinot Noir.

Did we mention the Palliser Vineyard Walk runs through here? This dog-friendly walk is popular with locals, starting or ending at either Considine Park or Weld Street. The walk is open weekends only, or weekdays after 5pm, depending on the season. It is closed in March & April during harvest.

Hua Nui Vineyard - Certified Organic

The beautifully and aptly named Hua Nui - meaning ‘fruits of abundance’ – comprises 6.5 hectares of some of Martinborough’s finest Pinot Noir country. Adjoining our Pinnacles vineyard but at a more elevated level, this is a truly magical site devoted entirely to Pinot Noir. It was wisely planted in 6 clones back in 1998. When they are blended together a classic Pinot Noir emerges with great depth and complexity.

The Hua Nui vineyard really is one of the greats with the wine made from it currently going into our prestigious Estate range. The abundance of quality that is Hua Nui inspired and formed our first Single Vineyard wine in 2018. This eagerly anticipated wine continues to be produced each year. We’re also proud to say we converted Hua Nui to organic management in 2017 and it achieved Biogro organic certification in 2020.

Pencarrow Vineyard

This is our largest and most eastern vineyard. You could say it’s our biggie – not massive as vineyards go, but big for Martinborough. Located back from the Terrace edge the soils are slightly heavier giving way to more savoury and textural notes in the wines.

Planted in 1998 Pencarrow comprises 19.5 hectares of Pinot Noir, 4.5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and 1.7 hectares of Pinot Gris in the different soil regions across the vineyard. The Pencarrow wines generally go into our high quality Pencarrow range, although in recent times some of the Pinot has surprised us and muscled its way into the premium Estate range. We are also proud to say that we commenced organic conversion on 10 hectares of Pencarrow in 2021 with the balance of the vineyard to be farmed organically in 2022.

Winery Vineyard - Certified Organic

Back in 2000 when Sydney staged the Olympic Games just over the hills and across the sea from us, we planted 2.2 hectares on the western edge of the Martinborough Terrace predominantly in Pinot Noir. We split the planting evenly between the Abel clone and MV6 an Australian clone that is fulfilling the belief we showed in it.. 

Although still relatively early days for this vineyard, the wines are showing nice aromatic charm and a distinctive taste that reflects the special properties of the site.. Like the Hua Nui vineyard, the Winery vineyard this site was converted to organic management in 2017. It achieved Biogro Organic certification in 2020.

Pinnacles Vineyard

The Pinnacles vineyard is situated on a north-facing slope on the northern edge of the Terrace. Lovers of fine bubbly will be very pleased that the majority of the grapes from this specialist 4 hectare vineyard go into our Méthode Traditionnelle wine. Planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and approximately 1 hectare of Riesling vines planted in 2016, Pinnacles celebrates the best of sparkling.

The sunny north facing slope combined with some fine clay in the soil profile makes this an exciting site. After first revealing the site’s desirability for producing exquisite sparkling we more recently discovered its suitability for Syrah. Planted in 2020, the Syrah are an acknowledgment of the gradual warming taking place in this region and is a way of future proofing against continued warming - hurrah for Syrah!