Our Story

Palliser is one of New Zealand’s premier wine brands. We’re the mavericks who gambled on taking farmland and turning into vineyards. A mad idea that turned out to be a groundbreaking idea. You can’t be afraid to push the boundaries and produce great unique wines, that’s why Palliser Estate Wines are now known and enjoyed around the world.

Our Land

When everyone else looked at the land around here and thought “this’ll be a good place to graze sheep” we thought “No. This’ll be a great place to make wine.” Lamb chops are okay but wouldn’t you rather have a glass of award-winning wine? We know which we’d rather have.

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Our Future

Palliser Estate is at the heart of Martinborough wine. We bring together the rugged, wild beauty of nearby Cape Palliser with the cultivated sophistication of an estate established over thirty years ago. Importantly, we do so looking towards the future with many of our wines already certified organic and with sustainability and community at the heart of what we do.


Martinborough is a treasured place that remains largely undiscovered and produces just 1% of the nation’s wine. Palliser Estate is at the top of this elite production. We continue to take nature to the next level, today and into the future.

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Our Company

We are proudly 100% kiwi owned with a small number of committed shareholders, all supporting Palliser towards a brighter future for generations to come. They share our vision, our ethos and perhaps most importantly, love drinking our wines!

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