Our People Palliser Estate

Pip Goodwin


Pip has always loved wine but her first trip to Burgundy sealed the deal. While she was there she decided to make wine her career. After over ten years in the corporate world as an Accountant / Management Consultant Pip took the leap doing vintages in NZ and USA followed by completing the formal part of her winemaking training at Lincoln University. Pip joined Palliser in 2004 as part of the winemaking team and over her time with us she has been involved in all aspects of the business from winemaking, sustainability, finances, sales and marketing. In 2015 Pip took over from Richard Riddiford as CEO. A role she is incredibly excited about because it gave her the opportunity to build on Richard’s proud legacy. The girl from Wairarapa had come full circle. In her spare time (which is limited) she loves playing sport, walking the naughtiest dog in town or just hanging with her family and friends enjoying the amazing outdoor lifestyle in idyllic Martinborough. Pip is finally living that dream she started chasing all those years ago in Burgundy.

Our People Palliser Estate

Guy McMaster

Chief Viticulturist / Winemaker

Guy is a good bastard who’s been knocking around the wine industry for over 15 years. In that time, he’s worked, well, just about everywhere. After studying Viticulture and Oneologly at Lincoln University he did vineyard and winery work in Central Otago, America and then joined Escarpment as their Assistant Winemaker. They quickly saw his potential and he moved into a Vineyard Management role as well. Then he moved to Urlar as their Winemaker / Viticulturist. Finally at the beginning of 2016 we grabbed him to work with us. Guys is South Islander, an outdoorsman, a keen golfer, a family man and consumer of fine wine.

Our People Palliser Estate

Sandy Moore

Sales Manager

Sandy has been in Advertising for many years but we don’t hold that against her. She worked in London for a while but by the age of 24 she was back on our fair shores and made the move into Sales and Marketing. Then she left work to concentrate on a new project; namely having two kids. Soon, however, she was back working in sales and drawn, naturally, to the wine industry. Who can blame her? Sandy worked at Morton Estate and Negociants NZ before finding her way to us. She joined Palliser in early 2016. working with our distributors here and around the globe. Sandy sees her job as sharing our wine and our stories with the world. You’ve got to love Sandy, after all, she’s the one who makes sure our wine ends up on your table.

Our People Palliser Estate

Carla Burns

Logistics Manager

Carla started at Palliser in 1992 . Back then, Carla did everything. She looked after the cellar door. She did cleaning. She did gardening. She drove the forklift. As Administration Manager, Carla looks after the export markets, liaising with overseas distributors and persuading them to order more wine. Away from the office, Carla has the love of her life, a growling yellow Ducati. If she has one small quibble, it’s too quiet; it needs to be louder. She says this wistfully. It’s always the quiet ones. When she’s not driving her bike she still finds time to drive the forklift.

Our People Palliser Estate

Lesley Just

Accounts Manager

Lesley is our Accounts Manager or, as she calls it, ‘keeper of the purse’. She started with Palliser in 1998. Originally from Wellington, she wandered over the hill one day and forgot to go back. Martinborough does that to you. She loves living in the country. It’s the simple things like not having traffic lights. And being able to go camping and real fishing. Also she works at a vineyard. It’s a hard life for Lesley.

Our People Palliser Estate

Anna Perry

Cellar Sales Manager

Anna got into the wine industry like most of us – enjoying a glass or two. She was once an occupational therapist where she managed people’s happiness and wellbeing. Now Anna still manages happiness by looking after our cellar door where she shares her love and enthusiasm for our wines. She’s usually accompanied by her dog Nico, the unofficial 6th member of our cellar sales team. Anna will tempt your taste buds while Nico will win your heart.

Our People Palliser Estate

The Vineyard Team

Clem, Rachael, Ivor, Clayton, Alex, Guy and Ian (in the front)

Our small, loyal and dedicated vineyard crew are the unsung heroes of our team. They meticulously tend to our vines throughout the year in all elements to ensure vine health and fruit quality is optimised. They are true characters, people of the land and know what hard work is all about like the pioneers on which our region was founded.

Our People Palliser Estate

The Cellar Door Team

Jo, Anna, Clementine – Missing Nico (the dog)

The Cellar Sales Team is Palliser’s welcoming party – usually led by Nico who likes to escort visitors up the path. Each of them have a love and enthusiasm for our wines, and for the opportunity to share them with all our visitors.