Sustainability | Kaitiakitanga

Kaitiakitanga, the Maori world view of guardianship and sustainable protection of the environment, is fundamentally Palliser. All that we do is for for the land, river, sea and vines of our home to thrive; for kinship between human and nature; and for future generations to prosper. Palliser has been sustainably producing wine since the beginning because it was the right thing to do, for our land, our people, our community and our business.

Organic Management

Our philosophy at Palliser is to produce exceptional wines that have a strong sense of place, reflecting not only their sites, but the season and the passion of our people. Growing organically gives integrity to this philosophy. We have a responsibility to future generations to hand over our soils in better shape than we inherited them. Organics (and biodynamics) gives us the tools to achieve this, it’s better for our people and community - quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.

Organic conversion began in 2017 with our Hua Nui vineyard, followed by the Winery, Om Santi and Pencarrow vineyards. We now have 60% of our vineyards (four of our six vineyards) managed organically, and currently are the largest organic wine grower in the Wairarapa, something we are exceptionally proud of. But there is still much to do, we are working towards having the remaining two vineyards under organic conversion by 2025.

Why Organics?

So how do organic vineyards and wines compare to conventional? There is a softness you feel through your feet when you walk through the land of the organic vineyards – it lets you know the soils are alive and breathing.

Worldwide, consumers are increasingly conscious of how their purchases impact their health and the environment. With the rise in concerns over the excessive use of pesticides, systemic fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers, people now are often making organic their conventional choice. If this consumer-led demand continues, the future of New Zealand organic wine is bright.

Sustainability Journey

Just as we’ve been pioneers in New Zealand Pinot Noir, we’ve also been pioneered many sustainability firsts as shown in below. Ultimately this goes beyond being at the forefront, at its heart it’s really about ensuring our wines give back to the land and our region as much as they give to us.

•  One of the first wineries in the world to be certified with ISO 14001 – 2004

•  First CEMARS certified winery in the world – 2009

•  Sponsoring the local Onoke Spit Ecological Restoration Programme

•  Runner up in the Balance Farm Environment Awards 2016

•  SWNZ accredited Vineyards and Wineries

•  Organic certification granted by BioGro